I'm planning my very first tattoo. Now, I know I want it to say imagination. At first I was thinking of getting it in japanese, but as me actually doing it is coming closer, it doesn't feel right. I want people to be able to read what it says. I just have to choose a font. Probably one of the above. If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment!

Then there is the problem where to get it. I would like it to be on my back, up by the shoulders, but I also want it to be somewhere where I can see it. I mean, I'm doing it for me, as a reminder to myself, and it will be quite useless if I can't see it, right? So, my plan is my right leg, the outside of the shank.

I'm going to be nineteen in a week. So it probably won't happen before that. At the end of September I'm going to Paris, so it's not very likely to happen before that either. But sometime in october/november perhaps. I've been waiting to do it like forever. Now I'm finally old enough, have the money AND know what I want. So, soon.


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