On a walk in Hyde Park with the girl in the trench coat and the red beret

There was once this girl. She was beautiful and she was young, but talked like she was centuries old. I remember her taking me for a walk in Hyde Park. She wore a trench coat and a red beret and she had curled her long blonde hair. I remember that she told me that when I died I would go back in time and I would not remember her. I did not believe her. ‘You are talking nonsense’ I told her. She just smiled at me and I can recall how her hair glowed in the early spring sun. ’I would like to tell you to remember this when that happens so I can say I told you so, but then again, I know you won’t remember’ she answered. ‘You are mad’ I told her. She just nodded slightly as we kept walking. She knew she was. We walked in silence for a couple of minutes, then she said; ’I will miss you when you die. I will miss you when you don’t remember me anymore’.


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