A thank you, I guess

Old pic from before I cut of my hair, still used make-up on a regular every-day basis and had visible eyebrows. April 09.

I've been thinking (when did I ever stop?). I've got some pretty amazing people in my life. People that aren't exactly friends nor family, but still very close to my heart. I don't know what to call them really. Guess they are friends at some level, but still not quite. I'd never say "my friend ***" when talking about any of them. And I do talk about them a lot. They're the ones who always believe in me and support me. They're the ones that I know I could trust if I needed to. They have more confidence in me than I sometimes have myself. I'm not always a very strong person. Very weak from time to time to be honest, and I need this kind of people to tell me every now and then that I CAN do things.

To all my actual friends and family out there, I do love and appreciate you, but this is not for you. This is for those others that I'll thank in my books when I'm famous (lol). Because without them having my back, I don't think I'd have the confidence and belief in myself to pull this shit off.

I don't see myself ever telling you guys that I'm reffering to in person just how much you simply being is helping me, every day. I just hope that some of you end up reading this, and can figure out that it's about you. Lots of love for you, if you do.

xx Malin Z


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