Day 01 - introduce yourself

My name is Malin and I was born seventh of September in 1991. For the first eight years of my life I lived in central Malmö, along with my parents and two younger sisters. In November 1999 we moved to Klagshamn, which is a small village just outside Malmö. I like it here, our house, our garden and the nature, but I was born a city-girl and will always remain one. I dream of one day having my own flat in Notting Hill or Victoria Gate in London.

I have wanted to be an artist since I was in kindergarten. It has taken me a lot of strong mindset and hard work to be able to recognize myself as one. I work with photography and may be looked upon as a photographer as well, but in first place I will always be an artist. I have studied photography for three and a half years now. My plan is to start applying for London/British universities within a near future.

I also like fashion, writing (mostly poetry), music, TV-series and traveling. I've travelled a lot with my family while growing up and have visited a lot of different places all over the world, including places outside Europe (I've been to North America, Asia and Africa).

I'm a bit weird. No wait. I'm really weird. I guess most people are, though. I get really obsessed about things/people, like Lady Gaga and Ashes To Ashes. And I have sort of a split personality. I can be really childish, sweet and kind, but also very mean, stubborn and bitchy. I never pretend to like people that I don't, which can make me seem quite cold from time to time. So if you get the feeling that I don't like you, it's probably because I don't. But then on the other hand, if I seem to like you than I probably do. I am generally a happy person and do appreciate life and what it brings. Though I do tend to keep my issues to myself (now, I mean real issues, not which pair of shoes I should buy), which probably is not always a very good thing.

So I guess that's me. It ended up pretty long, but it's hard to keep it short when you could probably write several pages about yourself. Tomorrow will be "My First Love"...


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