Day 04 – What you ate today

Pasta with my mum's home made tomato sause and chicken. That's pretty much it. I'm not very good at eating when I'm not in school. Probably because I sleep past lunch. Though I did drink coffee (I do that every morning, or I get an awful head-ache) and two X-Ray energy drink.

Right now I'm working on some photos I just shot. Been playing around with my 500W lamp and the shadows it brings again. The light on some of the pics is so awsome it's killing me! And really bright light reflections in the eyes is gorgeous. Here's something to look at while waiting for the rest of the pics. And something to listen to as well? Here's my 80's playlist with some of my favourite songs. It's a bit fail though, since there is some songs not from the 80's as well... Mostly classics, I like the classics.


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