Day 05 - Your Day

Okay, so I cheated a little. It was supposed to be "your definition of love" today and "your day" tomorrow, but I switched because today has been such a good day that I wanted to write about it and tomorrow I'll just be working all day and it will be no fun.

So, today started out pretty bad. I couldn't sleep so when it was time to get up I had only slept for about three or four full hours. I was going into my old school to give Spoke and Marie their copies of DOASW. It was about 1 feet of snow outside and freezing. And of course the bus was fifteen minutes late, which resulted in me being half an hour later at the school than planned. But when I was finally there it was nice. I have written this many times, but I really like my old teachers, they're great and I miss seeing them every day so it's always fun when I visit. Especially today when I was giving them my book! We talked a lot and now I've suddenly got a new project coming up! I'm not going to tell you anything, because nothing is decided yet apart from the fact that we're doing the project, but as soon as it's settled I'll let you know!

After my visit I didn't feel like going home, but what I did feel was a extreme craving for shoes. So I walked into town and after looking in four different shoe stores I found these beauties (that I've been drooling over before) on 75% sale. So from 1200 SEK to 300 SEK, they were totally worth the money. You can't tell from the picture but they're wedges.

Then I got some really sweet messages on facebook (won't write them, because the translation sounds stupid) and e-mailed some about the project. I'm really feeling this project. I think it's going to be awesome if it works out and so much fun doing. Actually I'm quite feeling life in general today. It's days like this that makes everything worth it.


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