Day 07 - My best friend

My best friend is Sanna. We have been friends since 2006, when we were fourteen, before we were dark and misunderstood. We were very alike back then. Not as much anymore, but maybe that's why we're still such good friends. We "matured" together and we found ourselves together. I like being with Sanna, because she accepts me just the way I am, and like it or not, it's very hard to find people who does that. Accepts it all, even the bad sides. I can be super annoying at times and talk non stop, but she puts up with it, and I put up with her less good sides. And we don't expect anything from each other, which I think is the reason we have never had a really serious fight. It's just so easy being together. And I know she's there when I need her and I hope she knows that I'm there if she needs me too.

This is probably the most awful picture I have on my computer, still I love it so, so much. It is of a reflection of us in the window of a train on a ride home from Stockholm in early 2009, were there had been a mix up with the seats and we ended up traveling first class even though we had paid for second. We had so much fun on that trip to Stockholm and it's something I will never ever forget. I hope we get to do it again soon!

Malin+Sanna= BFF's ♥


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