Day 09 - Your beliefs

I believe in a lot of things. I make a point of believing. If you don't believe in things in order for them to be real. For this I'm going to post an extract from the short story I wrote for my Creative Writing course. This is from somewere in the middle and is a conversation between Victoria King and her friend Alex, a few weeks before Alex dies (Victoria knows Alex is going to die, but Alex doesn't). It might seem random, and it is a quite random story, but it has a few quotes about believing that I'm proud of. Note that Victorias particular beliefs are hers, not mine, but the general idea is mine.

’I wish we could stay like this forever. I wish it never had to end,’ Victoria said to her one night. They were sitting at Alex’s couch in her flat. They were always in Alex’s flat. To many people in Victoria’s house, she said. Always too busy.
‘Maybe if you work that magic of yours, we can,’ she responded, trying to make a joke of it, since she knew Victoria was dead serious. Alex was not prepared for that kind of talk.
‘You do not believe in magic,’ Victoria stated. She knew her too well.
’Do you?’
‘Not anymore. But I believe in believing. If you believe you can do magic, then you can.’
‘And you don’t believe you can anymore?’
‘What do you believe then?’
’I believe in eternal life. And I believe in pain.’
Alex was silent for a few seconds, thinking about what it really was that Victoria just said. Just as she was going to respond, Victoria beat her to it.
‘When I believed in magic, I did not believe in pain. I had everything, but I was as cold as a rock to the world. In the end it left me wondering if that was really the way to spend eternity. So I changed my beliefs. You have to believe that there is such a thing as pain to feel it. And if you do not feel pain, then you do not know when there is none. You cannot lead a happy life if you do not believe in pain.’
‘And what is the use of magic if you are too numb to know how to enjoy it, right?’
‘You’re deep for your age, you know.’
Victoria chuckled. It made Alex smile. A chuckle from her, these days, was as rare as snowstorms in May. Alex grabbed her by the hand and pulled her close to her, putting her arms around her small frame. Victoria seemed comfortable in the embrace, but Alex chose not to push it. Victoria leaned closer and brushed her lips to Alex's cheek before resting her head at her shoulder.
‘You know, really, it is you who is awfully naive for your age’ she said.

If you like to read the whole story, you can contact my in optional way and I'll work out some way for it to be possible. I'd just don't fancy uploading it anywere unless I know it will be read.


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