Day 12 – What’s in your bag

This is what was in my bag when I emptied it. I'm a baglady, I tend to have a big bag with lots of totally unneccessary stuff in. Now lately I've been using a smaller bag at work, so there's not as much in this one as there usually are. Just the basic stuff that I always bring: purse/wallet, bus card, headphones, lipgloss, sunglasses (I never go anywhere without sunglasses, even in the winter) and different kinds of pens. This time of the year I also bring gloves, apparently. Lately I also tend to bring DOASW as I'm usually of meeting someone that I promised I'd show it to.

I pretty much always use the same bag: the beige one I bought at New Look in Paris. Funny how I was afriad I'd end up never using it when I bought it, and now I can't seem to find one even remotely good enough to replace it (It's not the best quality, so I'd like to find one to vary it with in order for it to last longer).

So there you go, this is what's in my bag.


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