Day 15 – 10 things you like

1. Lady Gaga. Obviously.

2. Keeley Hawes.
My favourite actress, because of Ashes To Ashes mainly, but she has done a lot of other great roles as well, Like Lady Agnes Holland in Upstairs Downstairs and DSI Martha Lawson in Identity. And Zoe in Spooks ofc.

3. Gene Hunt. Not as crazy about the actor as I am about Keeley, but the character is EPIC.

4. England. There's just so much to like. I have gone from a Japan-freak to England-freak. One day I want to live there. And British accent IS sexy.

5. Photograph and edit pictures. Should probably be higher up really. It's a bit like a drug, I can't stop.

6. Clothes, shoes and accessories. A very bad and money consuming vice.

7. School. I get really restless when I'm not in school. Apart from the sleep-ins I don't really like being on break.

8. Tattoos. I have none, yet. But I do dream of having several all over my body.

9. Chips, dip and cola. Especially on friday evenings with my family.

10. Birthdays. Goes without saying. Next time I will be twenty. I don't want to be twenty. I wish I could have my birthday and stay nineteen.


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