I'm a girly girl. I dream of long wavy blonde hair. My hair is wavy and it sure is blonde, but it's not long. I used to have hair about four inches longer than I do now, but I cut of about six in may 09. I am now growing it out and doing this leaves me frustrated about my complete lack of an actual hair style atm. I can't even put in extension, because then I'll have to cut my hair for it not to look cut of where my real hair ends, and doing that I'll lose the thickness I want for when my hair is as long as I want it naturally. Waiting for hair to grow is the most boring thing.

Another totally unimportat personal issue of mine is shoes. I found a pair of shoes that I really want, but I also feel that I should save my money. I can't use heels with the current weather either way. But I reallr really want them and I don't know what to do and who to ask for advice. It's a shit life loving fashion sometimes. My heart hurts with longing every time I think of them. Whatidoooo?!


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