How could I be so blind to this addiction?

I may at times seem to be full of contradictions. I mean, just basically, I am a feminist dying to work in the fashion industry, taking photos of skinny girls (the girliest of all girly business, still it's dominated my men, why is that?).

There's just one thing I'd like to be clear on. I don't smoke, nor drink alcohol. I'm pretty much straight edge. In plenty of my pictures I am seen holding a "cigarette". You who been around for a while, knows that this is not a real cigarette. Actually it is a convoluted price tag, which in itself is an innuendo of my real addiction, which is shopping. So it's really just my way of showing shopping as of what it really is. A vice, just like smoking.

So there you go, I small insight into what goes around in this wicked mind of mine. And that most things are far from random.


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