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Just some newly edited photos from DOASW photoshoots.

I made a new header and some small changes in my design. Hardy noticable. I have had the same basic design for quite some time now. I really like it because it's plain, but with a personal twist and it doesn't take the focus from the photos, which easily happens when the design is too cluttered. But I change the header every now and then to get some variation.

I got photo paper that I ordered in the mail today, so I'm preparing some prints for my wall. This'll be the first time I print in A4!

Got some ideas for the new project as well (which I will tell you about soon). But I need to buy a cake and some (read: a lot of) candles.

Stay tuned for Day 12 challenge - what's in my bag!


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<3 these!

2011-01-03 @ 07:11:17

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