It's like the thought of a siren thinker, as I sink into that mind of yours

I hate the fact that as all of our house is fairly warm despite the current weather, my room is freezing. Only mine. I think my dad failed to lute my windows properly when he renovated them and now there's all this cold air coming in from them. I'm freezing my ass of at this very moment, I tell you. Luckily I got a warm cushion for when I'm sleeping.

Anyway. So this is the dress I fell in love with. The second I saw it I knew I had to have it. I have no idea what happened, because it doesn't resemble anything I have (which is good in a way, I guess). It's definitly not a pattern I would usually go for, but as it hung there in the store I just... I dunno really. I obviously ended up buying it anyway. Guess I like the colours together and the cut in the neck. And of course the lovely lace in the back. Plan on wearing it tomorrow.

Did my second test today. I hope it went well, but I didn't feel as good about it as I would have preferred at this moment. But at least it's done with for now.

Now I'd like my family to come home with the chinese food I've been promised.
Have a good tuesday night, xx.


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Postat av: Nigel barker (Sara)

I love your neck in this picture, and you Look Very long. I really like it.

2010-12-21 @ 10:56:08

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