Shot dead in the head

Got my awesome t-shirts from shotdeadinthehead today. I love them. Awful pictures though, I'm sorry, but I'm to tired. I totally recomend the site, the shirts were delieverd faster than said and were of great quality. Only thing that bothered me a bit was that the shirts were different sizes, even though I ordered the same size in all of them. But they all fitted anyway, so it's fine. Just good to know if you're ordering. I payed 30£ + shipping costs for these three t-shirts.

I'm very much in love with the disco-tee. And the Gene Hunt one is epic (if you have watched Life On Mars and/or Ashes To Ashes you know what I'm talking about). And I always liked that classic yellow sex pistols tee, but I never listened to them so I didn't feel like wearing a shirt with them, but this one is perfect!


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