A Window

Teaser for W as in Window. The "real" picture for this word is probably my favourite of them all (along with A for Apple), it turned out so good! I accidently destroyed the quality in this photo while editing it, and I was too sleepy to do anything about it. Thereof the non-focus and blurriness. Sorry 'bout that.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm totally worn out. My back, neck and wrist hurts (the last I have no idea why) and I'm so tired I could fall alseep. And probably will within a short time. I've got a test tomorrow, and I'm going to study some camera technique this afternoon, but most of all I'm going to get some rest, because like this I will fail no matter how hard I study. Luckily, my three years as a photography student in secondary school has given me a lot of what's going to be in this test for free. And the photoshop part will be easier than a child's game...

Now food, then sleep. Then some reading. And I need to stretch out my back. Note to myself.


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