Disco ball/Shadows/weird dreams

Did to pictures today. M and N. Magpie and Night. I was supposed to have Madness for M really, but I wanted to do a sparkly photo with disco balls, and since I have a little bit of a bird (which is a bit of an innuendo, since bird can also mean girl as you probably know) thing going on in the book, I changed it to magpie. And I painted my hair black for it, so it was kinda fun. It suits me in the shot, but not irl...

I don't know if you have noticed, but one thing that I like to do when photographing is playing with shadows. I love crazy shadows that goes right across the face and to inhance features with it. I work a lot with shadows in both M and N.

I've had really weird dreams lately. Really vivid ones. Some were quite nice, like the one last night when I was a master of a video game where you were actually in the game. And then there are less nice ones, like when I dreamed that I was havinga baby that I really didn't want. I felt really bad all through the dream and was so releaved when I woke up that it had not been real. Maybe it's a sign...?

Now I'm going to make myself a cup of tea.

Two days 'til Monster Ball.


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