Teaser for E as in Entrapment. One of my favourite words actually, but hard to illustrate in the right way.

There's not much left to do on DOASW now, only three more shots, then some layouting and then I'll have it printed. Yeah, I never said, did I, that I'm gonna print it. And thereof I was wondering if there is anyone out there interested in buying it? Please comment if you are. Note that just because you do, it does not mean you HAVE to buy it, I just want to know if there's anyone who's interested. The cost will be about 200 SEK (20€/29$)+shipping costs. It will be another few weeks until it's actually available though. I'm going to order just one copy first to make sure it's how I want it, and then I'll be ordering a bunch, some to give away as x-mas presents and some maybe to sell?

Tomorrow's the Monster Ball. I'm so exticted! Feeling a bit stressed that I have school and can't go queuing all day as I'd like to. But in the long run, I think the Lady herself would appreciate it more if I went to school and worked hard to follow my dreams, rather than standing outside in the cold wasting my time waiting for her when I'm going to get in sooner or later either way. Gonna thank her when I become famous (haha), so I'll think we'd be even.

And btw, I'm being interviewed by a Swedish radio channel (P4) tomorrow about Lady Gaga!


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