I miss summer

I seriously hate the winter so unbelievably much. I would trade christmas for summer all year any day. Had to wait for the bus for twenty-five minutes today, in -7°C, because the one I was supposed to take didn't show. Same thing yesterday, so I missed a test at school. And there's not many feelings I detest as much as not being able to use your fingers because they're so cold.

Dyed my hair today. Yellow and pink. It was probably in last place in my poll, but I couldn't help myself today when the hair dye from Crazy Color arrived. It's a very light yellow, so you can hardly see it, but I like the tone.

I'm not the best at updating atm, but it's mostly because I get a bit depressed at this time of year and don't want to do anything except for watch TV, read and sleep. But I started to use twitter again, so you can follow me there instead if you like. My username is Monster_Youth. Probably gonna get some sort of widget in the side menu for this (done).

Gonna see if I can get some tea of hot chocolate in this house. Sleep tight xx


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I love your blog you take amazing photos!


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