If you had to die because you were vain, what would you be wearing when dying?

Today I died a very bloody and metaphorical death. I was going to do V as in Vanity and figured that since it's a mortal sin, why not die? So I asked myself: What would I wear if I had to die because of my vanity. Answer was my white graduation dress, Mary-Janes and lots of hairextensions. The idea was me being pushed by someone who were mad at me because of my vanity (or something like that), then I'd fall, hit my head and die. And then be left at the scene for CSI people or something to investigate what really happened. It looks more like that in the original picture. I even got that kind of CSI light and colours in the pic. And I look a bit more dead... But I like the hair in this one, and how my arm looks kind of dislocated. Though that does not look like a natural position to fall into when being pushed... The real one is a bit more realistic.


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