It's death, it's blood and it's beautiful

I have always been quite dark. Which is funny, because in real life I don't look very dark. I mean, my hair is platinum blonde, I'm quite pale, I usually wear no make-up and I've got a quite childish face. My darkness mostly shows in my pictures, what I write and sometimes in the way I dress.

I wrote I'd buy a piece of meat to prove a point. I do a bit crazy things sometimes, for my pictures. I'm sure I've written about me getting syrup in my eyes. This is probably the most discusting thing I've done so far. Maybe you think that it's not so bad, it's just a piece of raw chicken filet. But raw meat really grosses me out. I was surprised I could even convince myself to buy it in the first place. It will probably be a while before I will be able to look at raw chicken without feeling slightly weird... And whatever my point really was, is for me to know and you to figure out. (And as for the pictures in the previous post, I did NOT actually bite it, I'm not that gros.)

Lady Gaga wore I meat dress. I would have thrown up if anyone put it on me. But you do what you have to do for your art, if you really are an artist.

This was for the letter K in DOASW. K as in Killer. If you know your Gaga, you'll know that this is inspired by the excorcist/puking film (youtube it).


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