She's on fire, think I'm gonna let her burn

I'm so lucky to have a sister like Lovisa. I mean, look at her, she's gorgeous. And she fits my style in photography perfectly. I can't get anyone better. I hope, for her sake, that she becomes really tall, so she can be a real model if she wants to. Unlike me and my 5.2 feet. Luckily she's almost my height and six years younger. And two shoesizes bigger, which means she's gonna get taller!

Anyway, today I thought I'd post to three songs that I really like at the moment. They're quite different from each other, but they're all, to me, what music should be like when it's the best.

You and I - Lady Gaga

Super Lover - Lady Gaga

Just Tonight - The Pretty Reckless

ps. Three more days until the Monster Ball will set me free! ds.


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