Short, but not short of ideas

Teaser for J as in Juvenility.

Soooo, news. I'm planning a new short film. I did sort of a story board and maybe I'll even start filming tomorrow, if I don't end up sleeping all day. My first short film was more of a experiment and not very thought out, but hopefully this one will be better. And since I have no time limit I got all the time I need to learn how to edit in the adobe programs. I think it's going to be called B/W and be sort of a silent film (with music ofc) in black and white starring, guess who, me. Wish me luck!


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Postat av: Tomb

aw cute

2010-11-04 @ 04:29:23 URL:
Postat av: Stefan

look forward to seeing it! :)

2010-11-04 @ 16:05:34 URL:

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