The Monster Ball pt. I

You are not allowed to use my pictures from the Monster Ball if you don't ask me first.

In all:

Best song: You and I ♥

Worst song: haha yeah right...

Best performance: Monster, I think. Love the choreography. And the outfit (last pic).

Best: Her gorgeousness which I got to catch on camera!

The cold while queuing (like Gaga herself could do any wrong?)

Best quote:
"And you're like Bitch that's not how you say it..." and "I can say SMA MONSTER!"

Most surprising: She actually looked me in the eyes. I nearly died at the spot.

Most disapointing: She didn't play Vanity this time.

But it's alright because she was FUCKING AWESOME.

more pics to come...


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Fan! Vilka snygga bilder :D :D Gagalupe är grym!!!!!

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