The thing I ordered

It has arrived. I am very much pleased and they were worth the wait and every penny. Bought at They're great! They have lots of sunglasses that are just like the ones that the celebrities wear, among them Lady Gaga. They were deliverd quite fast (four working days) for being sent from abroad (Neatherlands) and the shipping cost were only 2,20 €. These were the most expensive ones of the Gaga-glasses and they were 19,95 €.

And don't forget to vote in my poll, if you haven't yet done so! It will be removed by next Tuesday and then I'll do whatever wins (or comes second, because if "stay all blonde" wins by only one vote or somthing, I might ignore that...)

Btw, my first film with my D550!


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Postat av: Simon

The link ain´t workin from

2010-11-23 @ 13:13:34
Postat av: malin z

Works now. Thanks for letting me know!

2010-11-23 @ 14:03:05 URL:

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