We live a cute life, soundfanatic, pants tighter than plastic, honey, but we got no money

I finally got the leopard dotted shoes I won at an internet auction weeks ago. It was the first one that I won on my own, since I didn't have an account on the site before very recently and my mum always did it for me (she's got serious skills with that kind of thing, she got me my tickets to both Lady Gaga concerts as well). I've been waiting for so long and was so worried I would end up not getting them. But I did, today. They were only 71 SEK (6,44£/7,56€/10,26$), shipping included. They're originally from H&M. Leather imitation pants are from BikBok (299SEK).

So this is what my room looks like at the moment. Nothing in this pictures is staged. And it's not real money and I'm not trying to make money, it's just lousy prints that I'm likely to burn in a not so distant photoshoot.

Can't decide whether to go with Retire or Reckless for R in DOASW...


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Postat av: ROBINA ^^

vad roligt att du vill vara med i dagens blogg :D LYCKA TILL :D

gjort idag? =)

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