A bad morning

Had the worst morning. I had been thinking of skipping class today so I could sleep-in after working two weekends in a row, since I knew we were not going to do anything of importance. But being the model pupil that I am, I couldn't bear to do it. So I got up, got dressed  and took the buss for like an hour to get to school. When I get there there's a note on the door saying class is cancelled. I wanted to go up to the roof of the building and jump. I was so pissed. So I took the buss back home, made crêpes with nutella and watched Top Model.

And btw, I dyed my hair part yellow. But you can hardly tell, because Stargazer's yellow really sucks. I want a more honey-yellow colour, the one I got now is to light and to neon-greenish. I'm going to mix it with some pink and see if it gets better.

And I am in a Britey Spears coma after watching the Britney/Brittany-episode of Glee. I totally grew up with her music, so she's just kinda epic to me. I can still remeber when I was like 7 and got her "
...Baby one more time"-CD.

Now I'm gonna find something to drink, 'cause I'm really thristy...


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