A pixel lost on a computer screen

The worst thing that could ever happen to a photographer, especially an artist like me, happened to me. I lost a picture. I mean like it was gone. It had disappeared from my computer. I almost broke down when I realised it was completely gone. I had spent hours editing it, makin it it's best for my Rhyming Game project and it was no more. All I had left was this low resolution (400x560px) with a watermark on it and the print in my book. And of course, the original raw-file. So last night I decided there was nothing else to do but remaking it. And I tell you, it was hell. You cannot ever fully remake a piece of art. That's what makes it art. So even if I have the original, even if I made the original, I can never make it completely the same again.

This is the original in low res and the remake about half way through it. An I'm done now. As close as I can get. Maybe I'll post it later.


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