As I sink into that mind of yours

I've had sleep-ins the past two days, no school, no taekwondo practice. Been working on DOASW. Only got sixteen photos left, haha. I just pray that I'll be done on time.

I fell in love with the leopard faux fur coat from H&M yesterday, but  managed not to buy it (even though it's very hard when you know you can afford it), since I already got one. But I didn't like the model of the one I had, do today I brought out the scissors, needles and threads and changed the things I didn't like, for it to look more like the one on H&M. I took of the collar, shortened the sleaves and took it in a bit over the shoulders. It definitley looks better now. I show you someday soon, I promise.

I'm hungry, but I'm not sure if I should eat since mum might be home to cook dinner at any moment. I should probably call her and ask. What if I'm supposed to make dinner for myself...? But I want to make scrambled eggs. Only problem is that we don't have any eggs. And I'm pretty sure you need that for scrambled eggs. Just maybe.

(she's not picking up. Ain't that just great...)

(Pasta and tomato sauce it is. And Top Model.)


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