Fashion Favourites of October

So my fashion favourites this month. I want to do this every now and then, because it's what I am interested in and I like analysing myself (ha!). And I know that some of you found this blog through lookbook and are interested in this shit as well. And of you don't like it, then bugger off. And I'm making a fashion category as well.

Beige (as close to my skincolour as possible), dark blue, gray, black and white.
Material: Lace, leather and fake fur (none of this in a hootchie way, of course)
Garment: Dresses and stockings
Accessories: Gloves and necklaces
Shoes: badass boots, b/w converse or wedges.
Hair-style: Curly or wavy. And preferably yellow highlights. Oblique fringe.
Make up: None


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