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Old photos.

I'm starting to get desparate for a new camera. I've had my Canon Eos 350D since march/april 2008 and it wasn't exactly a new model even back then. It's getting a bit rusty by now. Right now I'm feeling a 550D. I can afford it, since I saved a lot of money while working this summer. I just have to get around and acutally buy it.

And I'm in desperate need of someone to go see I Blame Coco with on 27 November on KB here in Malmö. Check out event here!


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Postat av: sara som är bäst

jag hade velat, men har icke råd!

2010-10-25 @ 13:59:57
Postat av: Evie

I have the Canon 550D A.K.A the T2i as we call it in the States It's an amazing camera for photography, but it's also amazing in capturing great 24p 1080 hd video.

Love your Blog, would love to see you post some videos with the 550!


2010-10-27 @ 07:04:51

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