If we could only be faster

Model: Lovisa Z
Photography and editing: Me
Styling and make-up: Me

Teaser for my projekt. Death Of A Saleswoman is going to be Awesome. The best I have ever done, I promise you, because now I'm doing all those ideas that before I would just have thought "there's no way I'm ever going to be able to do that". And for you who wonder, Death Of A Saleswoman will be done before x-mas, so you won't have to wait for it that long. Hopefully, it will be of about 24 photos, one for every letter in the alphabet (xyz as one). Subheading is "A-Z with the sisters Z" (catchy, is it not?). And the complete title is actually "ABCDEATH OF A SALESWOMAN". But if I'm unlucky, I won't be able to do twenty four shots by the time it has to be finished. And this shot was for the letter Q as in Quick, if anyone wonders.

"Projects" now also has it's own category. Mostly for me to find my own posts about them, sort of as a journal of my process, but for you as well, to see what I'm working on.


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Kommer man få se alla fotona från projektet? Dina foton är så himla himla fina!

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