In self portraits - Sick of this shit

I'm in a dip right now. I get those every now and then. Times when everything feels like shit and I just want to go to sleep and stay asleep until late spring. And I feel really bad about it, because I know I'm very fortunate and should be happy for what I got. But sometimes everything is just too much. All that crap that happened all those months ago that just won't go away and everything that is launched upon me now. It tires me out. And above all that mental shit, my back hurts like hell and no one takes me seriously when I tell them. So if there is a God, then PLEASE give me something to cheer me up and that makes it all worth pulling through.

And I promise that I'm going to take new pictures someday soon, and stop editing the old ones all the time.

Now I'm going to make myself some pancakes, if there's nutella or chocolate sauce to put on.


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