Last night, this morning, right now

Last night was great. I had the best time. I was doing one of those fun things I've had planned, if you remember. I haven't written what it was before now because me and my friend wanted to keep it a secret until it had actually happened. It just felt to unreal, and still does. We were visting our ex-teacher at her flat. I've written about her million times. She is the best you can imagine and I was extremely lucky to have her. She is one of the very few people in my life that I'd trust with practically anything. I was so sad when I graduated because I thought I would never see her again. But I did, last night. Along with my friend and another of our old teachers (who I see on a regular basis, since I still go to school in the same building as he works in). It was so much fun and I hope we get to come together again soon.

This is my favourite (and only?) photo of all of us. From graduation. It was a beautiful, happy and sad day, all at the same time.

This morning I did my test. I think I passed. It felt fairly good doing it and it feels VERY good to have it done and over with. Now I can focus on my project and if I keep the pace I'm working in now up I know I will be able to pull it of. Let's just hope the ideas keep coming!

Right now, I'm watching Top Model cycle 8. I'm jumping between seasons. Just finished season 12...


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