Wall Of Honours

So, this is my "Wall Of Honours". Here I put of stuff that means something special to me, or a memory I want to be reminded of every day. And I guess I just wanted to show you.

1. X-Files, you know. The best TV-show ever made, like.

2. Monet's water lillies. He's my favourite painter and has been since I was a child.

3. Something I made for my self portrait assignment in school. It's my message, that I always felt but never got to say. That it seems that I was never good enough. And how it hurts to never get that little extra acknowledgement, no matter how hard you work. I acctually almost start crying thinking and talking about it. It hurts that much. Just hope I won't cry at the presentation.

4. Lady Gaga posters. She's my Queen and Godess. She gives me strength to keep fighting. When I was in a dip about to hit the bottom, her song "Oh Well", made me feel it would be fine, different, but fine.

5. Photo of Cicci, I took for an assignment. We had fun, and I like the photo, so it got a spot on my wall.

6. Pictures of me when I was a kid. They remind me that I am still the same deep down, just developed.

7. Ticket from when I saw Lady Gaga in Stockholm 7/5 2010. One of the best nights in my life.

8. My "Telephone". A Lady Gaga innuendo. It doesn't work.

9.  Drawing from my favourite manga XxxHolic.

10. My favourite neckklaces right now. A lot of crosses...

11. It was my original idea to cover the wall with pictures of roses, but I failed. These are book marks. One is of a fairy though. It's my favourite ever. I got it from my mum, I think.

12. Photo of me, a dear friend and our two favourite secondary school teachers at graduation. It was one of the best days of my life. And it was so close to being completely ruined a few weeks before. This photo reminds me how great it turned out, despite all obstacles. And how much that time meant to me, how much I love my friends and my (now ex-) teachers.

13. Birthday card from my grandmother.

14. The best manga-drawing I ever did. I will never be able to do something that good again. Probably why I stopped drawing as much.

So that's that. On the table you also see some Hello Kitty stuff, Wasp - the horse (our old class mascot), my collection of empty olive-cans, my yellow hair dye, empty soda can I saved because it's cool and some course litterature. And I should add that I painted the wall myself.


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