Last photo is taken by Amanda Kraft.

I'm working this and next weekend, so updates might be a bit low. I'm so exhausted when I come home that I have to go to bed and sleep. But it's worth it for the extra money every month, which means I can buy more clothes! ^^ So anyway, here are som old photos for your entertainment. Some of them from when I was wannabe-scenecore ('bout two years ago I think, at least first and last pics, the other ones are a bit later). And about haircolours: I have had greenish turquoise, bluish turqouise, pink, blue and purple over the years, but never my whole hair. Mother  doesn't like it and I care to much about her opinions to go against her. I have a bottle of neon green somewhere to, which I never used. I would like to try silver or yellow sometime too (very Gaga of me).

And GOD how I wish those Mary-Janes still fitted. But no, since I had my surgeries on my feet (last one about 16 months ago), my feet have become smaller, which means all the shoes I owned pre-surgery are now too big. I used to have 37-38 (mosly 38) and now have 36-37 (mostly 36). Not that I mind, it just sucks to have the perfect Mary-Janes but being unable to use them.

Oh, and I had this lovely dream last night and was so disapointed when I woke up and it wasn't real.


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