We're in a land were we don't belong

Today I've been good. I've done all my writing assignments for this week (good, since this week is over tomorrow...) and I am almost done with everything for next week. Which actually is an achievement, since next week is workshop week for me, so I am supposed to read six texts and write an 300-500 words long response the each one. Done with three of them, and I have started on the other three, so there's not much left. "Now why in the world would she do that" you ask, "when she's not supposed to do it until next week?" I'll tell you. Next week I have an important test that I need to study for all week. So I'd really like to have all other assignments over and done with. And, apart from that, I have a few other FUN things planned which it takes much less angst to take time for if I know I've done everything I need to do already. So now I'm feeling pretty good and is looking forward to next week. Except for the test, could go without that...

And btw, went to Denmark yesterday. Bought a pair of stockings (love that word! Why? Don't know. It's kina hootchie) and a dress. Saving the dress for one of the fun things next week. We were told to wear something nice, and I take that seriously!

Now, back to my text responses!


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