On Top

First photo for Death Of A Saleswoman was taken today. This is a shot from that session, but not the one I chose for the project. Though it is very similair. It's called On Top.


Paris pt. III

You thought I was done with these, didn't you? If you did you were very much mistaken.

I'm a city girl, I really am. And always has been. I dream of my own apartment in central London. If there is not a clothing store nearby, I don't feel at home. I grew up in central Malmö. Now Malmö is not a big city in any way, but at least it was a city. Now I live in what seems like the middle of nowere. Okay, it's a fairly big neighbourhood, but compared to the location of the flat I spent my earliest youth in, this is the middle of nowhere. If I still lived in that flat I would have a shopping mall two blocks away. Not a 35 minutes buss ride and ten minutes walk.

I love going to big cities. I loved Paris. And Berlin when I was there. New York, Bangkok, Boston. But most of all I love London. There's this feeling when you're in a city like these. You can't just capture it on a photo and feel it. You have to have been there to know it. Be there to feel it. When I don't feel it I miss it. I miss it now.

I'm going to go to London sometime after christmas. I haven't booked or arranged anything yet, but I know I have to.I miss being there so terribly much. Someday I want to live there. I'm going to work hard and make my dream of a flat in central London come true!


New Header

Yes, I really like Sacre Coeur.

So, new header. Finally. I've been planning to do one for ages but every time I've got some time it tends to slip my mind. But here you go. I like it very much. Did some minor changes in the rest of the desing as well, like change the small pictures in the side menu.




Paris pt. II

I ♥ French architecture. I ♥ the exclusive fashion brands. And I ♥ Crêpes with Nutella.


New Project / Death Of A Saleswoman?

Photo taken by my mother in Paris, while traveling with Bateaux Mouches on Saine River. Edited by me.

I just finished my creative non fiction paper. Just going to read it again later before I post it. Feels good. I also came up with an idea of what I'm going to do for my big photography project this term. I'm not all in on all details about how I'm going to do it yet, but it will be another book I think. Sort of the same theme as my previous The Rhyming Game, but something completely different at the same time. But the one thing I know for sure is that it's going to be called Death Of A Saleswoman (yes, I know there's a play called Death of a salesman, that's the point). It'll most likely be about 40 pages long (that'll make about 16-20 photos, depending on how I layout it).



Look from this Sunday, when we were sightseeing. This is at Sacre Coeur. Photos are taken by my mother. The jacket is my love. I'm going to live and die in it. Thinking of it, picking together all the clothing I said I'm going to live and die in, I'll probably have at least three complete outfits.

I'm soon of to school and tomorrow's taekwondo practice. I missed school and taekwondo practice. And I'll be working this weekend. Makin money and money is good. I'm still getting used to having more than 45£ to spend each month.  I mean, I went to Paris and could spend more than 90£ in one store and still have plenty left. It's weird. Today I'm even going in to town to buy a book. I NEVER spent money on books before, since all my money went to clothes.

Anyway, now I gotta run! Kisses.


Paris pt. I

I love Paris. I love the shopping. I love the architecture. I got loads of photos of beautiful buildings to post. Here you get some of the more famous ones; Champs Elysée, Eiffel Tower (rolling around on the ground taking photos of it I came to realise it's a lot higher than I thought), Notre Dame (a lot smaller than I thought), Sacre Coeur etc.

I'll post more of these tomorrow.


Fashion, put it all on me

Again; photo and editing: me, model: Cecilia Hellström

Tomorrow I'm leaving for five days in Paris. I will do a lot of shopping and sightseeing, since it's been so long since I was there last time (I can't even remember). Hopefully I'll be bringing home lots of new shoes, bags, jackets etc. I can't ever get enough. There will be no posts during the time I'm gone, since I won't be bringing my computer. Though I do promise you that there will be a lot of pictures when I come home, on tuesday next week. Until then, lots of love

Malin Z


In portraits

I totally forgot about these. I will post some more of them later tonight.

Assignment: Take a portrait of a classmate that showns something about who they are.
Photo and editing: Me
Model: Cecilia Hellström


The Thinker

Assignment: Make a photographic paraphrase of a famous artwork.
Artwork: The Thinker (Le Penseur) by Auguste Rodin

Photo and editing: Me
Model: Lovisa Z


Today was a great day

It's amazing how sometimes the smallest gestures can make your day.


Born This Way

I am generally a person of strong opinions, but I rarely involve myself in politicts. But yesterday something, to me, very terrible happened. A xenophobic party was elected in to the Swedish parlament. Maybe it was naive of me to think that Sweden was modern enough for that kind of thing not to happen, but apparently I was very wrong. I am ashamed of sharing a country with so many lovely and openminded people with those with such a acient viewpoint. I for one voted for the party claiming to be the antipole.

Now, one thing that is extremely imoportant to me is eqaulity. That no matter your sex, origins or sexuality, we are all still the same, still human beings. If you are judged, you should be judged by your actions, not the way you were born. You cannot change being a woman, being black or being gay. You shouldn't have to. And no matter where in the world you go you should be treated as an equal to everybody else.

We're all different, and that should be a good thing. Because we were BORN THIS WAY.



My two little sisters, Lovisa (12) and Sara (17). We look nothing alike, you can hardly tell we're sisters. Though, when people know we're related it's like they persuade themselves that we do look alike. But really, the only thing we have in common is our blonde hair and blue eyes. And we don't even have the same blue colour (mine are greyish, Sara's are dark and Lovisa's are light). And both me and Sara bleaches our hair, so we probably don't have the same hair colour either.

But either way, we're the best of friends and we all know we can trust each other with enything.



Today I was at the Swedish Cup in Taekwondo (where both of my younger sister's competed! Not me, since I'm simply not good enough, I don't have a high enouth grade). I've been taking pictures there for a school assignment. The first one is just some random dude who was doing Poomsae. In the second you can see my coach in the striped shirt, looking up. She's awesome and really really sweet. And sometimes really really evil. But she makes up for that with being sweet more often than evil. Today she was the sweetest.


2009 photos, 2010 editing

I got a portable hard drive for my birthday, so I've been going through some old pictures, picking out some unedited ones from photoshoots I was pleased with and those I now thought I could do much better to play with. So here you go, picture bomb. And yeah, it's me on all photos.


She hides true love en su bosillo



It's the way of the world love,
Live it or leave it.


Never knew you had one



Photo and editing: Me, Model: Cecilia Hellström.

A snapshot from getting ready for yesterdays photoshoot. Me getting the right settings for my camera and Cicci probably looking for the shoes she was changing into...

Now, it's half past two and I'm still in bed, so I should probably get up before someone comes home and notices...


I want your ugly

I seriously love Lady Gaga. If you know me or have followed my blog for a while you already know that. You know that I am severely obsessed with her. It’s quite sick actually, how you can love someone you don’t know so very much. She inspires me, she makes me want to be who I am and fight for my dreams.

She won eight awards at the VMA’s. And when she wins I feel a bit like I win as well. Because I am her little monster, I voted for her and I believe in her. Only two months and six days until I get to see her live again

And now for something completely different. I've got some photos from a photoshoot with my new classmate Cicci, that I'm editing. I'll post them when they're done and I have ran them by her.

Necklace is new and my new love affair. Feels as if I change from day to day...


Only the young

Bought a new jacket today. Bikermodel with that fluffy kind of fabric (think it's called teddy in Swedish, don't know if it's the same in English?) on the collar. Very fashionable of me. The shawl is also new, I love it's colour. And I bought Brandon Flowers solo album Flamingo along with my sister. Though I gotta say, even though I very much love Brandon (had a huge crush on him last summer), I think I like him better in the Killers.

Less than two weeks 'til I go to Paris now. And 68 days until I get to see Lady Gaga the one and only again
(Yes, I love countdowns.)


Make up and dreams of Wonderland


Kiss me goodbye

I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game.

Defying Gravity


Defying Gravity


Lights and what we don't see in it


In self portraits - Photobooth

Our first assignment in my photography course. Take a selfportrait in a photobooth that says something about yourself. I'm not going to write what I was thinking when I did this, with the risk of getting too pretentious. You figure it out. Anyway, this is me. Real and unedited. The only manipulation done on the photobooth-pictures is encreased contrast. Though I do wonder why you get a blue tone on the pictures when you chose B/W? And 80 SEK (about 7£/11$) is practically stealing.



Oh yeah and by the way, today's my birthday. Nineteen and counting.


Not gonna bend over and curtsey for you


About me part 1.

Who am I?

I realised most of you have no idea. So I just thought some sort of presentation of me could be in use. Not too long, I don’t want to bore you, but longer than the one in the side menu. It’s split in two parts; something more of a facts-part and one about my ”hobbies” and liking. Here’s the first one (facts-part):

My name is Malin and I’m nineteen this year (born 91). I’m from Malmö, Sweden. I live in a fairly big house with my family on what could be referred to as ”the country side”.

I’m attending Malmö University at the moment, and graduated from secondary school spring 2010. I’ve been studying photography for three years, just beginning my fourth. It’s what I want to do in life. People say there are no jobs for me out there, but I believe that if that’s a reason to not live your dream, then you don’t want it bad enough. My specialty is self portraits (as you may have noticed). I am the Queen of the Timer. This is not only because I am vain, it's because I am the only one I trust to always deliver what I want.
I am also taking a course in creative writing, since I love writing poetry and short stories.

I practice the martial art Taekwondo two times a week. It used to be more often, but I simply just don’t enjoy it as much anymore. I’m generally not a sporty person.

A work extra at home care service. It’s a job that suits me perfectly atm, as I can fit it into my school schedule quite easily. I also get along very well with old people (though, funnily, I do very much not get along with children).

That’s about it for this time. Part two will be up soon. All of these ”presentation”-posts will be found in a separate category called ”About Me”.



There was such a beautiful sunrise this morning and I just had to take som quick photos before leaving for work. I haven't imported them from my camera until now, since I've been working 7 am to 13.30 pm, then sleeping all afternoon, and finally studing all evening. Now I'm going to take a shower, before reading a bit and then going to bed. Working tomorrow too.



Sorry guys, but I'm going to be stuck studying and working for the weekend so there will probably be a low update. Actually I'll probably be a bit off for a couple of days/weeks, since I just started a new school and new courses and just need some time to adjust and learn to plan my time after this. Lots of love.


I want to wipe out all the sad ideas that come to me when I am holding you

We’ve got obsessions,
All you ever think about are sick ideas involving me, involving you

- Marina and the Diamonds


It's just a Rhyming Game

Photos from my project the book The Rhyming Game which I made my senior year in secondary school. Find the digital version of the complete project here or just the photos here. It is originally a 72 pages long book consisten of 23 photos and 23 poems, all by me.