Born This Way

I am generally a person of strong opinions, but I rarely involve myself in politicts. But yesterday something, to me, very terrible happened. A xenophobic party was elected in to the Swedish parlament. Maybe it was naive of me to think that Sweden was modern enough for that kind of thing not to happen, but apparently I was very wrong. I am ashamed of sharing a country with so many lovely and openminded people with those with such a acient viewpoint. I for one voted for the party claiming to be the antipole.

Now, one thing that is extremely imoportant to me is eqaulity. That no matter your sex, origins or sexuality, we are all still the same, still human beings. If you are judged, you should be judged by your actions, not the way you were born. You cannot change being a woman, being black or being gay. You shouldn't have to. And no matter where in the world you go you should be treated as an equal to everybody else.

We're all different, and that should be a good thing. Because we were BORN THIS WAY.


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