Look from this Sunday, when we were sightseeing. This is at Sacre Coeur. Photos are taken by my mother. The jacket is my love. I'm going to live and die in it. Thinking of it, picking together all the clothing I said I'm going to live and die in, I'll probably have at least three complete outfits.

I'm soon of to school and tomorrow's taekwondo practice. I missed school and taekwondo practice. And I'll be working this weekend. Makin money and money is good. I'm still getting used to having more than 45£ to spend each month.  I mean, I went to Paris and could spend more than 90£ in one store and still have plenty left. It's weird. Today I'm even going in to town to buy a book. I NEVER spent money on books before, since all my money went to clothes.

Anyway, now I gotta run! Kisses.


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