Paris pt. III

You thought I was done with these, didn't you? If you did you were very much mistaken.

I'm a city girl, I really am. And always has been. I dream of my own apartment in central London. If there is not a clothing store nearby, I don't feel at home. I grew up in central Malmö. Now Malmö is not a big city in any way, but at least it was a city. Now I live in what seems like the middle of nowere. Okay, it's a fairly big neighbourhood, but compared to the location of the flat I spent my earliest youth in, this is the middle of nowhere. If I still lived in that flat I would have a shopping mall two blocks away. Not a 35 minutes buss ride and ten minutes walk.

I love going to big cities. I loved Paris. And Berlin when I was there. New York, Bangkok, Boston. But most of all I love London. There's this feeling when you're in a city like these. You can't just capture it on a photo and feel it. You have to have been there to know it. Be there to feel it. When I don't feel it I miss it. I miss it now.

I'm going to go to London sometime after christmas. I haven't booked or arranged anything yet, but I know I have to.I miss being there so terribly much. Someday I want to live there. I'm going to work hard and make my dream of a flat in central London come true!


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