Blood and tears

I think Cicci only likes me because I splatter fake blood in her face and takes pictures of it. Who doesn't want a friend who does that? No, but seriously, Been doing three of the nine shots for my school project of this term today. Which means I've done five in total and got four left. Got one month+a few days until it's due so there's not really any hurry. I think it's going to be nice. I lot simpler than The Rhyming Game and Death Of A Saleswoman. It's just a series of protraits on a white background. Theme is blasphemy, finding individuality and black eyes with black tears. Note that these picsare just us goofing around and not the actual ones for the project(these aren't even edited, apart from colours and contrast). Anyway, I failed the blood this time, as I ran out of red caramel colour and I didn't want to put syrup in it because it so sticky and I felt bad for Cicci who was having it in her face. So it was a bit thin.

I'm very pleased by my ability to do references to lots of things I like in this project. Like Doctor Who, Lady Gaga, Shakesspeare, fashion, etc. Probably just me and other true fans who get it, but still.

And btw, project is called simply "untitled". No capital U unless it's in the beginning of the sentance or anything. Just untitled.

17 days 'til series 6 of Doctor Who starts.
27 days 'til London.
47 days 'til BORN THIS WAY ALBUM!


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