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Slight changes in the design again. The triangle sign that is now everywhere is a symbol of earth, which is my element since I am a virgo. I thought I'd rather than having just any triangle, choose one that actually means something to me. And I like triangles. Very hipster~ of me, I know (but I don't give a fuck).

I just saw the promo picture for Judas and I started to cry. I never do that. It was not like the tears were flooding, but I had to wipe my eyes more than once. It's just like everything in my life right now. It's everything I want untitled to be, and I came up with the idea for that months ago. I think Lady Gaga reads my mind. Like seriously, I'm starting to wonder if she can in some way sense me, because THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS. It's getting a bit creepy. But I love it nevertheless ♥.

Did some testprints of untitled and it's lookin' goooood!

15 days 'til series 6 of Doctor Who.
25 days 'til London.
45 days 'til BORN THIS WAY ALBUM!


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Postat av: Moe

I love the new design and the triangle always makes me feel mmm excited i don't know why, and the feather is cool behind the triangle.

2011-04-10 @ 20:55:40

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