I'll die living just as free as my hair

And then she posted another hair related entry... Ah well, it takes up a lot of my mind at the time, and naturally therefore it also takes up a lot of my blog posts. Dyed, put in and cut my other extenstions. It's think it's really nice now. Still very much feeling the colour. I thought it'd be like two days then I'd wish I was bleach blonde again, but no. I think I'll probably stay like this for a while. Though my real hair is slightly shinier than the extenions, but I will never be able to escape that (never before have good hair quality been so annoying)...

I just really really wish my hair was this long naturally. Because I think I would have really nice natural curls if it was... But oh well, I'll just have to keep eating vitamin B supplements and hope it gets long at some point...


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