Rocket To The Moon/Keeley Hawes/HELP

I have one serious dilemma: When me and Cicci are in London, Rocket To The Moon is on, starring Keeley Hawes. I mean KEELEY HAWES. AS IN ASHES TO ASHES LEADING ACTRESS AND MY BIGGEST GIRL CRUSH AFTER LADY GAGA. In total, the it would cost me £52 and some trouble so go see it. AND DID I SAY IT'S KEELEY HAWES? I'm going to list the pros and cons of getting tickets:

  • To go to the theater in London would be pretty badass.
  • The Swedish Krona is very strong right now, which kinds means the tickets are less expensive...
  • I love going to the theater!
  • I've never seen Rocket To The Moon before.
  • Most of the tumblr people I follow who have been to RTTM has met Keeley outside afterwards!

  • £52 is a lot of money for a student (but really, I can afford it).
  • I have no idea where the theater in question is located or how to get there (easy to find out, I guess)
  • What if RTTM is boring?
  • English is not my native language, what if we don't understand (but that would be a good learning experience, I suppose).
  • If I did meet Keeley I would FREAK OUT and it would be really awkward (but worth it probably).

I'm really bad at this, apparently, because I just eliminated all the cons... but still, HELP ME!
Tell me we should go!


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Postat av: Moe

Of course you should go! It's not like if you sell your soul to the devil. lol

2011-04-10 @ 20:51:08

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