Even though the title of this post might suggest otherwise, things are NOT shit, apart from my extensions. Which is why I'm going to buy more hair dye tomorrow and dye my other, longer ones. I can't let my hair live with this plastic-y misery.

Soooo... Though I was supposed to NOT be shopping and save my money for London, my mum took us to a shopping mall and of course I had to find lots of things I had been searching for. Like fancy tights on sale, those fabulous black tank tops that you all know I'm so fond of, and a tank top in my favourite gray shade. And the baseball jacket in the picture above for half the price (which was pretty damn cheap in the first place). It's think like a jacket and long, just the way I want it. Though I thought the H was a bit boring so I put studs on it. It's from Cubus, if anyone wonders.

Spent the evening today at my uncle's house, along with most of the immediate family on my father's side. His youngest brother, who lives in Switzerland with his wife who's from Morocco and their daughter, was visiting. His wife and daughted don't speak Swedish, so we have to talk English when they're around. So it was a rather painful evening in the sense of me having to sit and listen to a slight abuse of English grammar. I mean, I'm used to British TV-shows and the flawless grammar in my head (yes, I do think in English most of the time, which is why it's easier to write/blog in it)... But then again, I don't speak quite as well as I think either.

1 day 'til series 6 of Doctor Who.
11 days 'til London.
12 days 'til Rocket To The Moon.
31 days 'til BORN THIS WAY ALBUM!

Gonna sleep soon, sweet dreams.


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You forgot 20 days until My sisters 18's birthday?!?

2011-04-24 @ 09:35:10

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