What annoys me about life is that it keeps going on

Spent today writing on my bloody project report (which is going to be the death of me) and cleaning my room. And it's probably gonna be another very late night tonight. New Fringe and New Doctor Who episode awaits me. What a way to celebrate bonfire night. Everyone else is out getting pissed and I'll be on my own in my room, fangirling Anna Torv and Matt Smith. But what can I say. In Fringe everything is Polivia and nothing hurts and Doctor Who's got that annoying cliffhanger from last episode. I wouldn't trade my night in for anything (which is why I'll be forever alone).

But honestly. I don't give a shit about anything but that and the fact that in three days I'll be in London with Cicci and in four days I'll see Keeley Hawes irl. Nothing beats that!

And I've got 200+ fans on my lookbook now! Go on and go in and hype me/like me, bitcheees!♥

3 days 'til London.
4 days 'til Rocket To The Moon.
23 days 'til BORN THIS WAY ALBUM!


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