Don't feel sorry for me

or kid yourself that you know the first thing about me.

Human beings are so complex and yet completely uncomplicated at the same time.

I am not afraid of the same things that I was as a child anymore.



It was two old polaroid cameras! I ordered some film for them that I'll hopefully receive before the end of the week so that I can try them out! Thank so much to Moe who sent them to me!

Haha, I can't help that he's in all pictures, 'cause whenever I do something that makes some kind of noise (which everything does) he has to come and check it out!

And you are a very nice person, for sending them to me!

I'm going to continue playing on Pottermore (which is AWESOME) for a while now, before I go to bed. Night!



I got a package from a very nice person in Mantes La Jolie today. Guess what was in it?!



The royal garden Sofiero had their Garden fair this weekend. I had not been there for years, but I used to go all the time when I was younger so it was really fun to come back to this place that holds so many lovely memories.

Unfortunatly it rained all morning so it was all muddy everywhere (shoes were ruined).


The other day

And by the way, the other day Sara and I took the bus to Svågertorp (an area here in Malmö where they have lots of huge stores like Ikea and such), for some payday shopping. I got some new things, like a new tripod (because my old one had been broken for ages) and a compact digital camera. Going to show it to you later.


Natalia Kills


I don't know

Jacket Carlings, shorts New Look, top Gina Tricot, bag second hand, sunglasses H&M and shoes Converse.

Had to take of the jacket as soon as I came out though, it was freaking boiling outside.


On Tumblr




My heart is nuclear

Top from Primark, shorts from Monki, cardigan from Gina Tricot, bag from New Look, belt is second hand, necklace is from Gina tricot and somewhere in Gothenburg (I think), ballerinas from H&M. Cat from Crazytown. Obviously.

Trip to Gran Canaria is booked. We're leaving 17:th of December and come back on New Years.


I tend to find him like this


I'm the one who left you, you're not the one who left me

I'm off. Meeting my grandma. We're probably going to book that trip to Canary Islands today.



Got my extensions today. They're great apart from being slightly too dark. But that's nothing some hair colour can't fix. Gonna wash it too, because the colour might change a little then.



I've been working some extra this weekend (because working weekends equals 1,5 times more pay than weekdays), and I've been to tried to wash my hair and now it's greasy, so I don't have any pictures. And I have a crazy kitten attacking my feet wherever I go (in a very playful way, he doesn't hurt me). So I figured I'd do this list to pass the time.

5 things I don't want to be without:

  • Computer, and not just for internet but because I've got all my photos, writing and music on it.
  • My beloved TV-shows.
  • My cameraaaa!
  • My closet!
  • Whisky! (and I mean the cat, not the beverage)

5 films I like:

  • X-Files Fight The Future
  • Matrix trilogy
  • Inception
  • The Sound Of Music

5 dishes I like:

  • Spagetti with home made tomatosauce.
  • Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes.
  • Pasta with pesto.
  • Ceasar salad.
  • Pizza!

5 cities I've visited and want to come back to:

  • London (all the fucking time)
  • New York
  • Bangkok
  • Paris
  • Berlin

5 things I want to do:

  • Go back to school.
  • Move to London.
  • Go on a roadtrip across Europe.
  • Buy a new computer (which I will in about a week or so).
  • Go shopping

5 things I dislike:

  • Haters
  • Ignorant people
  • People who destroy things for themselves and blame others.
  • Snow
  • Being late.

Ooh my god, Whisky just licked me in the face...


Little baby cat

The poor thing got a bit on the bad side earlier today. He threw up a couple of times and just lay down, shaking and breathing irregularly. He's alright now though, he just needed to sleep it off. I was really scared for a while though, 'cause I don't really know anything about cats, and we had no idea what was wrong. We thing it was the sudden heat mixed with cat milk that might have gotten a bit sour. But like I said, he's back to normal now.


Following me around


Comment reply

(Q: How do you focus your camera when you take whole body pictures?)

Först av allt: tusen tack!

I'm replying to this question like this because it's something a lot of people wonder. Well, mostly people ask me if it's hard taking pictures of yourself. I actually think it's easier than photographing others sometimes. To get the focus right is the hardest part, to be honest.

I've got a wireless remote control for my camera. It's not expensive at all, actually the one I've got was under 200SEK. It's form Canon and looks like this:

I'm pretty sure it works with all system cameras from Canon, at least the newer ones (EOS 350D and onwards, at the least). Not sure about other brands though. But there's other remote controls for those.

Before I bought my remote control I used to put something in the place where I was going to stand, like a chair, autofocus on that, then switch to manual focus, so that the camera doesn't refocus by itself when you take the picture. And of course the camera was set on the 10 second timer. Doesn't work everytime and the focus was far from always perfect, but it works. But the remote has made my picture taking a lot easier and it's something I truly recomend! I got mine from Scandinavian photo, because I bought it along with my camera, but I know it's available at better prices on other sites.

Hope this helps!


The girl with the cat


Such a little darling



The weather is lovely and today I'm going for a walk with Sara and Whisky, and then I'm going into town to meet Sanna. And how I've missed to be able to wear exactly whatever I like. Been longing for a day when I could were these shoes! Suppose I'm fully back in business now, when work is over.

I ordered new extensions yesterday, and hopefully they arrive before the end of the week. 22 inches, body wave, darkest brown. Just hope they're not to dark, but I'm pretty sure the lighter shade would have been to light. Because I want my hair to be almost black. The extensions I have now are far to light.

Today's outfit: White shirt from Carlings, Shoes from, Bag is second hand, necklaces from somewhere in Camden and River Island.

Gonna have to switch shoes for the walk though...




No connection

Sorry about the very lousy update, but my internet connection sucks at the moment and I've got only one more day at work so, I'm really tired at the moment. I'd like to think it'll get better as soon as I'm having time off again.

And Whisky is fine and he's learning things very fast. He sleeps alone in my living room on my couch at night now. It was so cute when I came in one morning and found him there, in the same spot that I had been sitting the night before. Probably because it had been warm there.


I'm on the edge with you

Thought you could do with some variation, not just pictures of Whisky.

Good news. I got into the higher education on the University that I had applied to! So for the upcoming three years I'll be studying stage production.

And I've got just one week left at work. Then I'm free for about two weeks before school starts.


Out of title ideas, here's my cat


My baby

As you can probably figure, Whisky takes up most of my time and thoughts right now. I don't want to leave him unattended for very long since I have no idea what he might get up to. Since my family went to Vienna earlier today, he's at my sister's boyfriend's place when I'm at work. It's going to be that way at least for the weekend. Then I'm free on Monday and I think my family comes home on tuesday.

He eats dry foods now and we don't have to feed him milk. He's a serious attentionwhore and meows when he wants something. I bought him a collar and I'm probably going to get him a leash so that he can walk a bit outside on the street.

Right now he's climbing my shoe shelf. Oh dear, cats are so retarded.



So it turns out it's a boy. He's about a month old and perfectly alright apart from a little bit of a cold. We named him Whisky, after the dollhouse character and because he walks like he's drunk on my floor (they're a bit slippery).




With cat

We have, at least temprarily, taken in a very small kitten that my sister found wandering. We have reported it to the police and are not sure if we'll be able to keep it. Gonna call the vet tomorrow to see if we can have it checked out sometime soon. And find out if it's a boy or a girl. Right now it has fallen asleep on my sister's stomach on my couch.

It's gray and very furry with blue-grayish eyes. At the moment we're just calling it various random names.