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(Q: How do you focus your camera when you take whole body pictures?)

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I'm replying to this question like this because it's something a lot of people wonder. Well, mostly people ask me if it's hard taking pictures of yourself. I actually think it's easier than photographing others sometimes. To get the focus right is the hardest part, to be honest.

I've got a wireless remote control for my camera. It's not expensive at all, actually the one I've got was under 200SEK. It's form Canon and looks like this:

I'm pretty sure it works with all system cameras from Canon, at least the newer ones (EOS 350D and onwards, at the least). Not sure about other brands though. But there's other remote controls for those.

Before I bought my remote control I used to put something in the place where I was going to stand, like a chair, autofocus on that, then switch to manual focus, so that the camera doesn't refocus by itself when you take the picture. And of course the camera was set on the 10 second timer. Doesn't work everytime and the focus was far from always perfect, but it works. But the remote has made my picture taking a lot easier and it's something I truly recomend! I got mine from Scandinavian photo, because I bought it along with my camera, but I know it's available at better prices on other sites.

Hope this helps!


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