It was two old polaroid cameras! I ordered some film for them that I'll hopefully receive before the end of the week so that I can try them out! Thank so much to Moe who sent them to me!

Haha, I can't help that he's in all pictures, 'cause whenever I do something that makes some kind of noise (which everything does) he has to come and check it out!

And you are a very nice person, for sending them to me!

I'm going to continue playing on Pottermore (which is AWESOME) for a while now, before I go to bed. Night!


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Postat av: Moe

A last thing you have to know, the battery is in the film case. I think in one of the polaroid there is a film case, when you will receive your film normally you will get the films in a new film case. The battery is in it. Enjoy them and don't forget to show me the pictures you will take with your cameras! :)

2011-08-29 @ 22:01:52

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